Daniella Woolf’s second workshop.

Workshop 2:

Exploring Encaustic Your Way: Doctor D is IN.

When: Wednesday 17th September, 10am to 4pm.

Where: Anthea’s Studio, 29B Innes Road, Greenwich.

Cost: $170

Do you have some experience with encaustic, but need some help to achieve the things you want? Need help from a troubleshooter? Want to make a satin smooth surface? Want advice on how to make a metre long palette collage? These and other questions will be answered by Doctor Daniella, the encaustic queen.

The emphasis here will be on achieving what the student wants, so only those with some experience should apply.

Only six students in a studio set up for encaustic, so you will receive plenty of personal attention.


To enrol, email Anthea.

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